Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Universe of Order or Order in the Universe

From chaos came order! From times "beginning" to what has yet to come the Universe is ever reaching and beyond our comprehension. With the vast expanse of distance (d), the time (t) and velocity (v) it would require to reach even the closest star never mind galaxy! We know that in our limited intellect that light (c) travels 186,282 miles/sec/sec. So in this universe of great expanse and distance where is the order? What order or reason could there be in a universe of such expanse when it is apparently impossible to say visit our neighboring galaxy Andromeda much less say visit the Spiral or Sombreo galaxies which are even further distances! Or consider the NG17 galaxy that is 2000 light years away. So think about it light started its journey from this galaxy when Christ was born and it reaches our planet today.

These distances are out of reach? Perhaps not! The idea of traversing such a distance must incorporate the concept in physics known as black hole theorem. The pioneer of such an endeavor of travel would have no way of doing trial runs or experimenting because there would be no guarantee of a return trip to the exact time and place of departure. That is however also a theory.

The concepts of creating black holes has become a reality but only micro holes in size and the length of time that the holes would exist is also in the micro seconds. To better expand the size and the duration of the black hole we must use what we know and theorize what we do not.

We know to construct a black hole requires energy (e) needs that are in the mega joule range but if we were able to capture and refine the stream of (e) to direct points in (t) then that would enable the >(c) ability and thus (d) would be inconsequential. How?

Gravity (g) is a force of nature. It is the most powerful force of nature and if we can harness and understand then we can use it to our advantage in controlling (t), (d) and (v)!

From the earliest 20th. century science has been able to split the atoms. But what instead of split the atom we were to separate the atoms like a zipper of a jacket? What if we were able to separate the atoms like a hand that is immersed in water that separates the molecules of water. Now imagine in your minds eye a "large zipper" in the air that you were able to "unzip" and step through. Here is the bridge of (d) and (t) that would enable us to traverse the great (d) of the universe.

So now we come to the idea of how to construct this bridge or zipper in the universe. The poles of atoms are like the poles of the planet north (n) and south (s). If we were to place a gravity field counterpart to each other and then rotate the gravity field in a direction that would allow the atoms to be attracted to their natural poles in the gravity field then at that moment direct a flow of energy in the precise enter of the field where theoretically there would be no gravity thus no gravity of attraction no atoms.

The gravity field we know can be constructed by the use of a magnetic field opposite to and aligned attracting the atoms away from the center creating a "void" the idea of the direct beam of energy can be derived from a high (e) laser that would "unzip" the 3D universe we are in and open a doorway to ? We do not know! But then sailors of ancient times sailed beyond the horizon to what for them was a new and different universe.

Who ever would undertake this journey and step through the doorway would be undertaking such a venture with the knowledge they may never return or possibly not return to where they originated. The initial journey would have be done with the mind set that logic and theory would be the only "life"raft they would have to cling to.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The portrait of Life

Our Life is like a portrait that of a lanscape. The picture is set from our birth and does not change the only change is our perception of the picture. With logic and differing views of perception then we are able to understand areas of our lives that we may have never been able to visualize before. We live our lives on the canvass of time and depending on how we interpret the artist conception of what has been painted then we act or live to that perception we think the Artist had painted for us. We all must confess our simplicity in the inability to comprehend what the Artist has set for us. But realize that the picture that we are a part of never changes only our perception or what we make of it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Universe of box thought

Our minds are defined by the parameters of our imaginations. But logic is inescapable! To have a beginning dictates that we must have an ending. In the same avenue of thought if we place boundaries on time (beginning/end) then we also must apply the same parameters on space, distance and mass.

Arbitrarily think of the planet earth as a starting point and start travelling in a straight line away. What? 1 million light years? 2 million? How about 10 billion light years? In the end it won't matter because if we use the same "BOX OF THOUGHT" that limits our imagination to begin/end then that logic would lead us to the idea that travelling in a straight line long enough and far enough we will reach the "End!"Would that not mean we are all contained in a "Box" albeit a huge box but by reaching the end we still reach our limit the end.

Reach beyond the limits of your imagination and realize: Either you must see your self in a "Box" or in a universe of limitless dimensions and limitless possibilities. Space is so large and massive there could be no ceiling or walls to contain us just as there is no limit to our imaginations and ideas.

Realize that when you use the logic of no limits, no beginning and no ending only then can you realize the concept of a continuous universe that goes beyond and apply this thought pattern of logic to your life and you then realize this too has no end. Physical, yes death comes to all but it too is only a door or rather limitless dimension to other aspects of the universe. Once our energy of spirit departs our bodies it will "begin" another journey. To where we can only guess and have faith that when we reach our destination it will only be for a time that will be limited by only our thoughts and imagination.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many stars and galaxies in our universe that we could never possibly reach in a hundred lifetimes at any velocity of light? Perhaps we leave here and our journey of spirit and energy find itself on some distant point of light in the night sky. We never really experience death of spirit or as some would say soul. Energy is never lost or destroyed we know this as fact and not theory or idea. Believe what you will but whatever your thought is you are limiting yourself and your thoughts and placing your mind and energy in a box. The body ends but thought is forever and limitless in form.