Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Universe of box thought

Our minds are defined by the parameters of our imaginations. But logic is inescapable! To have a beginning dictates that we must have an ending. In the same avenue of thought if we place boundaries on time (beginning/end) then we also must apply the same parameters on space, distance and mass.

Arbitrarily think of the planet earth as a starting point and start travelling in a straight line away. What? 1 million light years? 2 million? How about 10 billion light years? In the end it won't matter because if we use the same "BOX OF THOUGHT" that limits our imagination to begin/end then that logic would lead us to the idea that travelling in a straight line long enough and far enough we will reach the "End!"Would that not mean we are all contained in a "Box" albeit a huge box but by reaching the end we still reach our limit the end.

Reach beyond the limits of your imagination and realize: Either you must see your self in a "Box" or in a universe of limitless dimensions and limitless possibilities. Space is so large and massive there could be no ceiling or walls to contain us just as there is no limit to our imaginations and ideas.

Realize that when you use the logic of no limits, no beginning and no ending only then can you realize the concept of a continuous universe that goes beyond and forever...now apply this thought pattern of logic to your life and you then realize this too has no end. Physical, yes death comes to all but it too is only a door or rather limitless dimension to other aspects of the universe. Once our energy of spirit departs our bodies it will "begin" another journey. To where we can only guess and have faith that when we reach our destination it will only be for a time that will be limited by only our thoughts and imagination.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many stars and galaxies in our universe that we could never possibly reach in a hundred lifetimes at any velocity of light? Perhaps we leave here and our journey of spirit and energy find itself on some distant point of light in the night sky. We never really experience death of spirit or as some would say soul. Energy is never lost or destroyed we know this as fact and not theory or idea. Believe what you will but whatever your thought is you are limiting yourself and your thoughts and placing your mind and energy in a box. The body ends but thought is forever and limitless in form.

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